Making a CheckBoxList Read Only Without Greying it

Today I was attempting to create a Check Box list in to show the status of the files uploaded to the server. The Check Box should remain checked if the file is already in the server and unchecked if not present in the database.

Initially I tried the,

 CheckBoxList.Enabled = true;

which serve my purpose but it greys out the Check Box list  making the text hard to read. Also I found that CheckBoxList doesn’t have a Read Only Property. Finally after a lot of Googling I found out a solution for this so that the CheckBoxList cannot be unchecked or checked by the user and also is not grayed out.

Use the following Line to obtain the above mentioned feature.

CheckBoxList1.Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “return false;”);

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Radio Benefiting from Web 2.0

About 10 years back radio was almost dying. In childhood I considered radio as a vintage item. But now radio is back. People always used to say about radio as something that always says something but never hear anything.

But now things are a lot changed. Radio is back and more are more people listen to it. Also it is not more something that just talk by itself. Radio’s become more interactive through telephone, email,and of course WEB 2.o.

How Web 2.0?

  • Most radio stations uses facebook or some other social networking sites to interact with its customers.
  • Radios even find out topics for next days discussion from the previous days facebook page.
  • It conducts competitions through web 2.0 tools to keep the listeners more entertained.

There was an earlier myth that Internet is killing all other media. But with the advancement of web 2.0 , it is helping other media to grow too.

My Experiences With Social Media


Before even hearing the terms Web 2.0 and Social media , I have used the Social networking site orkut from Google. Not famous as Facebook and Twitter, Orkut is the number 1 social networking site in India and also famous in Brazil.

Orkut helped me a lot in keeping in touch with my friends and relatives. Users can send scraps between friends. Also it has option to send messages. I regularly used Orkut till it started imitating facebook as I did not find any reason to use both.


I first used facebook for the first time when I moved to Australia in 2008. The primary reason for that is the great popularity of facebook in Australia as it was essential to catch up with friends here. More additional features like creating events and inviting people for the events made life easier.

Privacy issues are everyones concern with facebook, but I never had any issues till now.


Twitter was first used for the Enterprise 2.0 unit. But in a short period of usage I find some other uses for it. I always like to know what some people say and i follow them. Some of the people I follow are Sachin Thendulkar, Barack Obama, etc.


Linked In looks more professional to me. Uploading my resume in a social media was something new to me. I am still experimenting with it and still not aware of how to benefit form it.

Corporate Use of Social Networks

Even though not all enterprises have an open mind related to the social networks , now a doays a lot of them are using social networks for varying purposes. In this blog I am going to look into some of the palces were social networks are used in the social space, with some case study if possible.

Many companies make use of social media for the purpose of recruitment. Encover was looking for a new Vice President for sales and after finding a candiate the CEO Chip Overstreet decided to have a back door check about this guys through LinkedIn. Chip was able to find people with whom he had worked in the last 5 of the 6 comapnies he has worked.Chip Says “It was incredibly powerful”.


A field where social media is used widely by enterprises without much hesitation is Marketing. The main reason for this is the huge customer base with these social medias. The following presentation gives an insight into using social media is regulated businesses.

Will the ban on advertisement on Spirits and Cigarettes in countries likes India applies to Social media too? Or can they use social media as an alternative method to advertise?

Improving the Reputation of the Enterprise

Using a company blog to improve the reputation of the Enterprise is prise worthy. Small enterprises can initially give updates about their different initiatives through blogs. They can also use Twitters and Facebook for updating their status.  The social media can be used as a tool to improve the enterprises relation to the customers.

I know this list is small and a lot more can be added. I will add them when ever I come across them.

Further Reading

Corporate use of Wiki’s

The following link explains in details some of the earliest successful of wiki’s in the cooperate space.

Corporate Wiki’s Go viral

Corporate wiki’s are internal wiki’s used inside the enterprises mainly to enhance internal knowledge sharing. The advantages of wiki’s are so wide that they are even used in projects management and marketing. Wiki’s allows corporate users to create a knowledge database which are easily assessable to all its employees.

Wiki’s can be used to build online information banks which can be directly edited by anyone who has access to it.Some of the corporates that uses wiki’s are SocialText, MindTOuch and some of the giant like Microsoft, Disney and
Intelpedia , one of the first wikis that came into use was from Intel and was created by Josh Bancroft in 2005.Intelpedia is a private wiki internal to Intel.In april 2008 this wiki had about 25,000 pages and received about 100 million page views.About 8, people contributed to it. As per its creator , in the last four years ,it almost never had an incident of unwanted edit or spam issues.Intelpedia is managed by a voluntary group of Intel employes , the Intelpedia Distributed editors, which meets every week.
The Intelpedia is used in the following cases at Intel
  • A page dedicated to company and Industry acronyms.
  • Another pages  which provides self help guidance to Firefox.
  • Also you can see information about intel’s sailing clubs, neighbourhood pickup football games etc.
  • Recently they started using it to share their Twitter handles
Intel’s wikipedia was built on the MediaWiki, which is the same open source wiki that powers wikipedia. One issues that was faced by the wiki at Intel was many employees doesn’t want their work edited by other.Is this an issue faced during the initial stages wiki’s by all Enterprises?What are your comments about it?

My Experiences with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of my favourite destinations while looking for information. When ever I hear something interesting and if I feel like ,I need to know more about it the first place I look for it is wikipedia. Wikipedia for me is a centralised source of information.

Some may say that wikipedia documents are not always correct. I too agree with that but wikipedia interface easily help us to identify those documents.

One thing I like about wikipedia is the cool advertisement free interface . Editing and contributing to the wikipedia is a cool option even though I haven’t tried them.

Would like to hear from you guys how you all benefit from wikipedia.

Government 2.0 : Links to some articles and example

The following are some links to articles related to government 2.0.
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Government 2.0 -Action Plan -VIctoria

What Coalition Politicians ‘get’ Government 2.0?

Ideas and suggestions on government 2.0– Here you can share your ideas and read suggestions by others and a lot more…..

Slow, slow little steps to Government 2.0

I will include more links to this as I come across them .